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You’ve heard of it. You want in. But you’re maybe a little lost when it comes to what exactly modern yoga is, and how different types of yoga may work for you. Modern Yoga unites the mindful techniques from classical hatha yoga with power movements from more vigorous varieties like Ashtanga and Sivananda courses – supplanted by therapeutic essential oils and plant-based products, leaving no practitioner feeling forsaken or frustrated. Our welcoming studio offers mixed-level workshops so that novice yogis can grow alongside seasoned practitioners under the guidance of skilled instructors trained specifically in classic styles, therapeutics & movement medicine — and there’s never an additional charge!

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Our professional instructors have the experience to guide you through poses so they’re safe and comfortable, yet still giving your body a workout.

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This is an amazing new series, dedicated to inspiring yoga articles! Not only are they informative to read but they help you grow in your practice.
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What people say about us
  • School of one Yoga Studio helped me find peace and strength within myself. They offer yoga lessons, meditation, and more. The studio provides a welcoming atmosphere with knowledgeable instructors who serve as guides on the journey to self-actualization.

    Eric Mendoza
  • School of One Yoga Studio is great. It’s a new studio like no other in the area because it goes beyond simply teaching yoga. The experience is more than just an hour-long class; it’s about connecting with community members and making peace with your body.

    Abby Ferguson
  • School of One Yoga Studio is a great place to practice yoga. They have an expert staff, many options for classes and workshops, and the studio space to help you find your inner peace. Love it!

    Chelsea Moore
  • School of One Yoga Studio is great! Why? Great instructors, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of yoga for all levels! I’m just a beginner and looking forward to learning more about yoga with these awesome people.

    Mandy Green

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